Legal Procedures in construction are issues that you are concerned about. Let AD Construction Company we will help you. In addition to many years of experience in the construction field such as industrial and civil. Our AD company also has legal experience in construction.
The issues legal construction that you should be concerned about are:
– Perform procedures related toapplying for construction permits.
– Ask for permission to temporarily use the curb.
– Commencement Notice.
– Relocate galvanometer equipment. Water clock.
– New level of galvanometer equipment. Water meter for construction on bare ground.
– Completion procedures. Grant new ownership when the work is completed.
– Legal issues related to the stage dismantle and relocate the work older to get a new construction site.
– Issues related to the impact of compensation claims for the construction affecting neighboring works.
– The regulations related to the correct and incorrect construction compared with the approved license drawings.
– And many other legal issues related to the construction process.

Anh Duong Construction Development Co., Ltd. assumes the role of consulting and implementing package legal procedures. Customers no longer have to worry about legal issues. ensure the construction work is always on schedule.