Gathering in the hands of world-renowned management partners in architectural design, structure, interior, M&E and interior decoration, Anh Duong concentrates all information points and synchronously deploys solutions. cooperation law. From there, Anh Duong’s customers will benefit the most from the best products of the best.

Anh Duong’s team of nearly 60 employees, including experienced project managers, architects, engineers, and a powerful construction force of nearly 380 workers, can handle projects of scale. LARGE – FAST PROGRESS – HIGH QUALITY with an implementation that fits the client’s budget.

Over the years, Anh Duong brand has been trusted by customers, typically a series of projects implemented under the Design and Construction model for many customers from many other countries.



In the model Design and Build, customers will benefit the most from shortening the step BIDDING in the traditional model DESIGN – BIDDING – CONSTRUCTION. This way of implementing this project is convenient in providing solutions for the project thanks to the unified teamwork method, so it will add value to your project, reduce costs, and improve quality. and save time.

With the Design and Build model, Anh Duong is committed to bringing outstanding values ​​to the Investor. :

1. Simplify the complex and risky stages of the traditional construction process (Design – Bid – Build).

2. Project progress is accelerated by 30%, fully controlled for quality and safety.

3. The project’s brand name is enhanced and the selling/exploiting advantage of the project also increases many times.

4. Maximize project budget savings and optimize cash flow.

With extensive knowledge and experience in the construction market, Anh Duong always aims at the goal of mutual benefits by researching and proposing technical solutions suitable for large-scale projects up to very large.


Working closely withDesign Department, Anh Duong has the ability to professionally manage projects with the process of Building Information Modeling – BIM (Building Information Modeling) . Ang Duong’s team of highly skilled and experienced BIM experts will bring comprehensive and synchronous project management solutions, helping customers master project information and plan every project. risk arises.